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State-of-the-art foundry for aluminum billet casting services.


A Leader in Technically Complex Castings

The process of manufacturing precision-formulated billets in our foundry begins with casting furnaces that melt and process aluminum ingots. Our cutting-edge melting furnaces enable us to produce up to XXX lbs of aluminum per drop.

Capabilities Start from Tooling Creation

With an in-house pattern shop and full-service machine shop, FINE castings are able to provide our clients with high quality tooling at an affordable price. We are able to design tooling to fit all of our production lines, from cast iron permanent molds to sand patterns and multi-material machining fixtures.

The full circle capacity allows us to continually refine our designs with direct feedback from the production floor; at FINE, there is no disparity between the engineers, the builders and the end users.


One-Stop Casting Capabilities

FINE Aluminum Castings provide high quality, high tolerance aluminum castings for Home Decoration, Transportation, and industrial companies throughout the world. Using in-house casting processes, we certify to any of six quality systems. FINE Castings is a one-stop shop for finished, and precision cast aluminum parts.

  • Permanent Mold Casting

  • Aluminum Melting

  • Sand Castings

  • Aluminum Heat Treating

CNC Machining by the Same Team

One of the largest customer benefits at FINE Aluminum Castings is our in-house machine shop. The same engineers that design your mold tooling work with the design and layout of the machining process for each casting. As a result, there is total cohesion between casting the part and machining its features.

By planning the casting design and machining concept in tandem, FINE is able to reduce lead times, potential scrap, and the final costs to our clients.

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