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You can choose our products .Also we can OEM for you customized products. Please send me your drawing Material requirments and surfacetreatment. ECT all kinds of requirment. Our engineer team will service for you for all series technical and products issues. Toppest technology. Best Service and Best price with quality. Fine metal best choice for you.

From extrusion we have different kinds of extrusion sizes machines Max for 10000T Extuder for big size Profile

Need a super wide aluminum extrusion? We can help. Our aluminum profile capabilities range from industry standard extrusions to intricate custom designs to meet your specific needs, including large, wide and heavy profiles. 600T to 10000T in-house extruders allow us to supply our clients with some of the widest, most complex multi-void hollows in the industry.

Aluminum Fabrication: Up to ±0.001'' Precision

If you have a project for which aluminum will be the most appropriate material, we have the capacity to create precise aluminum fabrication designs, refined to your exact requirements. By using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, our fabricators can help bring your final dimension to a perfect fit with your design, within ±0.001'' tolerance, which is a leading preference in the industry.

Complete Solutions for Aluminum Extrusion Finishing

At FINE we provide our clients with the complete solution. Utilizing our expert aluminum finishing skills, we can craft components required surface treatments and aluminum finishes, helping to improve their durability and practicality. The most frequently used surface treatments are Anodizing, Electrophoretic Painting, and Powder Coating.

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Where Complex Profiles Find Intelligent Solutions

As a leading supplier of aluminum industrial profilemachined parts, and end-use aluminum products worldwide, FINE is at the forefront of technology-driven factory. With 20 years of experience, FINE offers a full range of services to further assist our clients on aluminum integrated manufacturing system. Strict ISO9001 quality management is executed in all profile processing to meet your expectation.

For clients from multiple industries, FINE has been serving with high-end solutions, supplying high-quality profiles and parts for a broad range of markets including Home Decoration, Electronics, Advertising, Transportation, Medical Equipment and more.

FINE, your global industrial aluminum profile manufacturer and solution provider.


Our CNC Machining Expertise Spectrum

As a way to make highly accurate parts, CNC milling can precisely replicate a computer-aided drawing (CAD) file, making it a highly desirable process for precision parts manufacturers. With both vertical and horizontal mills, we specialize in short run production projects that require unique fixture setups.

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Advantages of FINE CNC Machining

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Cost-Optimized Sheet Metal Process

Through the use of the latest CAD/CAM and CNC technology and manufacturing equipment our sheet metal fabrication process is guaranteed to be efficient as well as accurate. Both extrusion and sheet metal processing are FINE quality production methods for aluminum profile.

You can lower your aluminum parts costs by cost-optimized tooling for small series. FINE specializes in high-quality dies for small batches. Collaborating with us can be worthwhile for you, particularly when you regularly require a small number of new aluminum parts.


FINE Aluminum CNC Part Finishing

If an additional surface protection or enhanced finish, such as painting, powder coating or anodizing, is desired, FINE can assist. Our knowledge of alloys, their properties, and their end uses enables us to help you choose the correct finish for your project.


High Standard Professional Quality Inspection

We carry out rigorous and precise quality checks through professional machine and technical engineering personnel, and our value-added assembly services will help your business provide components or kits that are almost complete, requiring only light labor to complete the job. We can provide different levels of assembly depending onFor your specific business needs:


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