Dec 26, 2022

Precautions for installation of aluminum alloy profile trunking

Aluminum alloy profile trunking is the equipment for laying wires and cables in electrical installation engineering. Aluminum profile trunking can be divided into fireproof metal trunking, galvanized metal trunking, aluminum alloy trunking, stainless steel metal trunking, sprayed metal trunking and hot galvanized metal trunking. The selection and installation of aluminum alloy trunking is very important. What should you pay attention to when selecting and installing?


  • The aluminum alloy profile raceway must be smooth without deformation, the inner wall shall be free of burrs, the joints shall be tight, various accessories shall be complete, and the grounding cable must have a certain compensation allowance.

  • The non-conductive part of the aluminum profile trunking must be connected and bridged as a whole to form a good connection. The cable channel laid on the shaft must be set with fire barrier according to the design requirements.

  • The connection length of aluminum alloy cable and its support shall not be less than two points of grounding (PE) or zero connection. Both ends of the connecting plate between non galvanized cable ducts must be connected with the copper core grounding wire. The two ends of the connecting plate between galvanized cable ducts shall not cross the grounding cable. The two ends of the connecting plate shall be connected and fixed with nuts or washers to prevent the bolts from loosening.

  • As the aluminum profile trunking is metal trunking, more than two grounding connections shall be kept between trunkings, or the neutral line shall be connected with the main line to avoid safety accidents.

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