Dec 07, 2022

Why can industrial aluminum profiles replace traditional steel

The structure and function of industrial aluminum profiles are characterized by the dense oxide protective film on the aluminum surface, which has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

At the same time, with the improvement and improvement of the properties of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, their application scope is expanding constantly, "replacing wood with aluminum" and "replacing steel with aluminum".

The application of such materials is more and more extensive, which further develops the characteristics of lightweight, energy-saving, ecological and recycling of aluminum profiles.


Generally speaking, aluminum profiles, with their unique decorative properties, excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation and recyclability, are used in the construction field and meet the national green standards.

The concept of environmental protection and energy conservation. In the future, with the development of aluminum profile industry and process technology, aluminum profiles will develop in more fields and diversified directions.

It will be widely used in construction, transportation, household appliances, aviation, machinery and other industries.

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